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A new kitchen is always very expensive. Refurbish your old kitchen instead with a highly durable hand painted finish. A new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

"Absolutely delighted with my new kitchen! My Hand Painted Furniture spent nearly 3 weeks in Wicklow transforming my boring pine kitchen to a fabulous hand painted green one. They worked quietly and patiently throughout, with very little disruption to our daily lives.

Everybody who comes into the kitchen now are blown away by how bright and beautiful it is!! I will definitely highly recommend the company to anyone wanting anything wooden painted. He is a genius."
Rathfarnham, Dubil South.

This is one of the largest kitchens ever painted by My Hand Painted Furniture, 56 doors & drawers plus many other features.

To replace this designer kitchen “like for like” would cost in excess of €50,000. Needless to say this client made a massive saving by instead having it hand painted. It’s now in tip-top condition & will be for many years to come. To read more about Hand Painted Kitchens click here…

Call : 01 354865

Hand Painted Furniture

Here at My Hand Painted Furniture, we can restore your Antique, retro, tired or out-dated furniture with a hand-painted finish… anywhere in Ireland.

Based in Roscommon, we have the skill & 10 years’ experience to prepare, repair and hand paint your furniture to suit your style, needs & requirements. Furniture painting is like recycling, only better…

"Really pleased with the job My Hand Painted Furniture did on our dresser. They take great care and pride in the work, and it shows. I would happily recommend them. Thank you so much."
Athlone, Co. Roscommon

This is furniture painting contract carried out in Co. Dublin. It is a perfect example of how simple the process is for you, the client. Around 10 good pictures were emailed to me with a short description & an outline of the clients ideas regarding finish & colour. To take a closer look at this contract click here…

This is a stress free process & the client was very pleased with the results. As well as this the client made a massive saving compared to the cost of replacing these pieces. 

At My Hand Painted Furniture we like our clients to know exactly what it is we do. The paints, equipment & materials we use & the process your furniture or kitchen goes through to produce the finish we pride ourselves on. In our opinion it’s the only way you can make an informed decision. 

If you are in the trade or even a keen DIY’er this blog contains a wealth of knowledge. Every piece of kit, good & bad, has been reviewed here at some stage. Check it out. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions & interact with My Hand Painted Furniture.

Hand Painted Kitchen in Maynooth

Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

This week it’s off to West Meath for a Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone. This is an excellent example of the saving that can be made by an eager homeowner, keen on D.I.Y, with the help of My Hand Painted Furniture.

A new product used on this contract, Colortrend Prime 2. A fast drying water based/epoxy primer. In this post we’ll learn how it performs…

Hand Painted Table & Chairs in North Dublin

In this blog post My Hand Painted Furniture travels to Lusk, contracted to carry out Hand Painted Furniture in Dublin North. We have seen a lot of dining tables & a lot of chairs over the last number of years.

Our new spray booth has recently been completed, and we are very pleased. While not compromising the quality of a hand painted finish it will massively speed up the process, especially on a contract like this one…

Painting House Doors in Kildare

In this post My Hand Painted Furniture travels to Naas in Co. Kildare to look at Painting House Doors. Everyone has 10 or more doors in their house, many of them are 4 or 6 panels, many of them are pine. This would describe the doors in this client’s house but she did not like the way they looked. Below is an idea of what we did about that, let’s take a closer look…

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